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Just when you thought our best-selling Million Dollar Planner couldn’t get any better, we LEVELED UP to bring you the most comprehensive content planner we’ve ever released!

Our Million Dollar Planner (MDP) is like having your own marketing coordinator at your fingertips to guide you through each phase of your marketing campaign. 

Embedded with on-demand video tutorials to guide you through each phase of the marketing process and jam-packed with our most popular checklists, content planning guides, and campaign blueprints, your MDP has all the tools you need to:

Plan Your Offer

Map Out Your Messaging and

Execute your most profitable campaign yet! 

Ready To Make Marketing SIMPLE?

This is like a BUSINESS in A BOX!

Embedded Tutorials

Scan QR codes throughout our MDP for helpful tutorials on establishing your brand identity, identifying your target audience, product development, AND MORE!

A Proven Marketing Strategy

We created this planner based on our step-by-step marketing system to give you access to proven strategies for designing marketing campaigns and creating content to grow your business.

Community and Events

Join over 10K people who have become members of THE COWORKERS, a global community of ambitious creators committed to learning and growing together.

Take a sneak peek inside

the million dollar planner

Talk To Me Nice

Our practice scenarios help get you in the habit of presenting your offer to your audience so you can pitch confidently and close the deal.

Price is Right

This Cost of Goods Analysis helps you calculate the TRUE cost of your product to ensure you’re pricing your product profitably. 

Date Your Audience

To help you create and understand your customer journey.

Date Your Audience

Map out your customer journey so you understand exactly what they need and how to best meet those needs for as long as they’re connected to your brand.

Year In Review

To guide you on how to get your entire year together with your sales goals and intangible goals in mind.

Content Planning

Maximize your Content Days and map out your content delivery with your lead generation, engagement, and sales goals in mind.

Get in your Millionaire Bag!

Get deep in your millionaire bag with customized layouts to help plan your social media strategy, content days, business goals, and so much more! Like your business, this planner is one of a kind and guaranteed to help you plan your work and work your plan.

Stay focused on achieving milestones and maintaining steady progress without the overwhelm and guesswork of how to map out and manage your marketing campaigns.


Check out our latest updates to the Million Dollar Planner

Phase 3: Map Out

All-new Objective, Purpose, and CTA sections allow you to add stickers to plan your posts and follow the SMC™ Method, Monroe’s million-dollar content creation roadmap!

Phase 6: Monitor

Our Daily Metrics Tracker helps you stay on top of your post analytics so you know exactly what content your audience can’t get enough of

Caption Bible 

This MOB favorite is a simple-to-follow guide for creating captions that actually get read and hold your audience’s attention

Embedded Tutorials

QR codes throughout the Million Dollar Planner reveal powerful tutorials to help you navigate each phase of your marketing campaign and get the most out of your MDP.


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Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We are proud to have members of the MOB University all over the world and are excited to ship boxes internationally. There will be an additional shipping fee based on location, and please anticipate longer shipping times as we do our best to get boxes to you as soon as possible anywhere in the world.

I'm a new entrepreneur, is this for me?

YES! This planner makes Marketing SIMPLE

The Million Dollar Planner is designed to help both seasoned and new entrepreneurs. So yes, you'll learn all my marketing strategies that I used to scale my business to 7 figures. These skills apply whether you're just starting out, scaling a multi-million dollar empire, or simply want to become the best version of yourself in life and business.

I already have a I need another one? 

ABSOLUTELY! This planner is a dateless quarterly planner and you only have 3 months worth so get your last one before we sell out. 

How many months is the planner?

This planner is 3 months long, but it is dateless. 

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