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But WHAT Am I Supposed to Write About?!
Your caption is the key to beating Instagram's algorithm. Instagram shows your posts to only a small portion of your followers. I'm pretty sure you've noticed the more likes, comments, and shares your post receives, Instagram will show it to more people.
Kinda lame, but that's the Life. 
To beat this, you need a "Good" caption to draw your audience in. This will make them want to like, comment, and share. Need more tips on just *how* to do this?
Grab Monrae's Caption Bible!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Karen Williams
A must grab!

This book definitely helped and pushed me to be more creative! I encourage anybody who is at level 1 of there business to also get in the membership. Sooo many things you will need to know. Good luck to everybody on there journey

Amanda McEachnie
Future caption queen

Awesome can’t to use it

L. Allen
Good information, especially for beginners

The information Monrae makes available in her Caption Bible is essential and serves as the necessary building blocks for beginners to commence and strengthen their IG presence and garner interest and sales. For some of the captions, they were split/broken up into two separate captions, so they didn’t make sense as a single caption - only has a whole caption. That could’ve been a formatting issue, but they were split and numbered accordingly. Overall, this is a great resource for those needing assistance with creating memorable captions for their social media posts.

Chanel Little

Great information I definitely learned a lot ... will constantly be a customer of Monrae. Thank you keep it up

Britney Swaby
Monrae Is Awesome!

I've always known how important captions were important, but the Caption Bible helped me determine exactly what's what, and how to word them for more interactions!