The Flip - 7 Day Bundle On Getting Sales Quick

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Been looking for a way to increase your sales tremendously in your business... This 7-Day Bootcamp is EXACTLY what you need to get your business ISH together! 

 By March 31st the top THREE people that make the MOST money using these strategies get FREE training with myself and my team. 


Day 1

- Where Are Your Holes? We look into where your business is now with a complete business audit... 

Day 2

- Want To Upgrade Your ENTIRE system we have 19 videos PLUS a workbook for you to upgrade everything from the audience, inventory, sales, and more. 

Day 3 

- 10 Hacks to Use to Instantly get sales. 

Day 4

- Breakdown of over 25+ Strategies to help you make money NOW in a 5Hr+ Training

Day 5 

- Diving into your Million Dollar Plan to guarantee the money you want to make 

Day 6 

- Identifying Your Sales Strategy and game plan!

Day 7 

- Let's get to work! Setting up your implementation phase to set up the right emails, abandoned carts, and more to MAKE the money! 



- Relay training from my favorite coaches 

1. Brian Young teaching about all things Influencers 

2. Roland Banks teaching about all things photoshoots 

3. Alyssia Swan teaching about all things emails.

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