BLACK Croc Million Dollar Planner

BLACK Croc Million Dollar Planner

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The Million Dollar Planner just got an upgrade! That’s right, your go-to planner is back and better than ever. We could never have you out here looking crazy, so we’re definitely still covering the basics like: securing a name that sticks, pinning your target audience, and best practices for your business. 

Now, we’re diving deep into your everyday hustle with customized pages to help plan your social strategy, content days, business goals, and so much more. Like your business, this planner is one of a kind and guaranteed to help you plan your work and work your plan.

Here’s what you’ll find in our 9 brand new and bossed up planner pages: 

  1. Daily scheduling pages
  2. Analytics review page
  3. Instagram feed styled scheduler
  4. Insta-Story planning Sheets
  5. Ad Strategy Tracker
  6. Monthly Photoshoot Planner
  7. Email Funnel Template
  8. 8 Email schedule sheet
  9. Sales Strategy Template

This Limited Edition Planner also includes a “Take me to compliment the deal” Pen and Stickers!

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
No color

Tho I LOVE the croc cover and the packaging, I am extremely disappointed that all the pages inside are black and white content, except the one color photo of the owner herself. The content is helpful but definitely a downer having black and white images

The package is on point

The packaging and the presentation of the Croc journal were on point, making me feel like I'm about to disrupt something in a significant way. Time to get to planning and making things happen.

It gives a sleek and mature vibe for the Boss Girls 💕

Love it !!! Everything you to stay organized and more gems ....This is your sign order yours 🤍

I Love My Planner 💕

It’s so bomb it made me take another planner I hadn’t used in a while out. It’s for finances. I use them both together now.

Perfect buy

Shipping was fast. The packaging was everything