PINK Croc Million Dollar Planner

PINK Croc Million Dollar Planner

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The Million Dollar Planner just got an upgrade! That’s right, your go-to planner is back and better than ever. We could never have you out here looking crazy, so we’re definitely still covering the basics like: securing a name that sticks, pinning your target audience, and best practices for your business. 

Now, we’re diving deep into your everyday hustle with customized pages to help plan your social strategy, content days, business goals, and so much more. Like your business, this planner is one of a kind and guaranteed to help you plan your work and work your plan.

Here’s what you’ll find in our 9 brand new and bossed up planner pages: 

  1. Daily scheduling pages
  2. Analytics review page
  3. Instagram feed styled scheduler
  4. Insta-Story planning Sheets
  5. Ad Strategy Tracker
  6. Monthly Photoshoot Planner
  7. Email Funnel Template
  8. 8 Email schedule sheet
  9. Sales Strategy Template

This Limited Edition Planner also includes a “Take me to compliment the deal” Pen and Stickers!

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Neshea Jade'
I should have done this sooner !!!

This isn't my first rodeo with trying to start my own business. But. it IS the first time that I have had the confidence, tools, and results to help the faith in myself, and Queen Monrae. Most importantly, I UNDERSTAND what I'm doing now thanks to the Million Dollar Planner and Queen Monrae. I should have done this sooner!!! You, and it, are truly a God Send. THANK YOU !!!

Very well done

Super helpful planner and well thought out

Abby K.
I Truly Love My Planner

This planner is one of the best investments I have made. It has so many helpful tips and a ton of helpful information in it. It is even prettier in person. I appreciate Monrae for all the great information she put in the planner and the presentation of the planner [packaging, tissue paper, the shipping box] is everything. I'm so happy I bought this for myself.

Melissa Clarke
Am so in love

The book is great filled with so much


It’s cute, portable & the best part it’s fully functional. I’m only in the first month but I’m excited to see my results as I progress. This is marketing gold!