$10K In 10 Days - Bundle

$10K In 10 Days - Bundle

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Are you ready to get a cash infusion in your business and do you need the knowledge to get there ... 

Is it that ONE thing that's keeping you from that $10K in 10 Days... One thing I have mastered is running sprints and I will work my butt off for 10 days and rest for two - well are you ready to make $1K a day over the next 10 days?? 

Grab this 10K in 10days bundle... 

This bundle includes replays of 25+ of my FAVORITE programs, classes, and ebooks to get you results FAST! 

  • Build Your Following Overnight Webinar
  • Market Like Monrae Webinar
  • Date Your Audience Workshop
  • Influencer Marketing Training
  • Know Your Audience Quiz and Lesson
  • Determining the Cost of a Return Customer Training
  • “Insertion” Strategy Lesson
  • Content to Coin Webinar
  • Master Your Content Class
  • Do-It-Yourself Content Lesson
  • Advanced Canva Tutorial
  • How To Build An Ad Audience Lesson
  • Installing Your Pixel Hands-on Demonstration
  • Pivot or Play Webinar
  • How To Review Your Analytics Lesson
  • Sales Strategy Fundamentals Training
  • Influencer Marketing Training
  • Cheatsheet: Blogs You Can Advertise With
  • Intro To Email Marketing Intensive
  • Side Hustle to Business Intensive
  • Secure Your Bag Webinar
  • Market with $0
  • Making Money on Social Media Training
  • How To Get Your Ads Together Course

Get started today before it goes back into our VAULT!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Fatima F.
Bobm AF

It’s hard to describe how good this training is. Everyone else makes these simple to understand so complex sounding. As a new content creator just give it to me straight, simple and a plan that I can implement immediately. It’s that and more.
You can tell Monrae really want to see her students win!

Ivana Jonović
So much value!

I am amazed by this product, didn’t even managed to finish it all, it’s so much packed with valuable content and so helpful, it clarified so many things for me about my business


Did not include all of the things listed in the description

Khiana Goines

Since being able to download it properly and access the numerous trainings I am satisfied. Overjoyed that I was able to get to the materials and excited to dive in and execute !!! I can’t wait to share my results.