$10K In 10 Days - Bundle

$10K In 10 Days - Bundle

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Are you ready to get a cash infusion in your business and do you need the knowledge to get there ... 

Is it that ONE thing that's keeping you from that $10K in 10 Days... One thing I have mastered is running sprints and I will work my butt off for 10 days and rest for two - well are you ready to make $1K a day over the next 10 days?? 

Grab this 10K in 10days bundle... 

This bundle includes replays of 25+ of my FAVORITE programs, classes, and ebooks to get you results FAST! 

  • Build Your Following Overnight Webinar
  • Market Like Monrae Webinar
  • Date Your Audience Workshop
  • Influencer Marketing Training
  • Know Your Audience Quiz and Lesson
  • Determining the Cost of a Return Customer Training
  • “Insertion” Strategy Lesson
  • Content to Coin Webinar
  • Master Your Content Class
  • Do-It-Yourself Content Lesson
  • Advanced Canva Tutorial
  • How To Build An Ad Audience Lesson
  • Installing Your Pixel Hands-on Demonstration
  • Pivot or Play Webinar
  • How To Review Your Analytics Lesson
  • Sales Strategy Fundamentals Training
  • Influencer Marketing Training
  • Cheatsheet: Blogs You Can Advertise With
  • Intro To Email Marketing Intensive
  • Side Hustle to Business Intensive
  • Secure Your Bag Webinar
  • Market with $0
  • Making Money on Social Media Training
  • How To Get Your Ads Together Course

Get started today before it goes back into our VAULT!

Customer Reviews

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Khiana Goines

Since being able to download it properly and access the numerous trainings I am satisfied. Overjoyed that I was able to get to the materials and excited to dive in and execute !!! I can’t wait to share my results.