The Hot Girl Summer That Begins In The Classroom 

Summer School

The only class on the web where Millionaires are made! 

Join us July 18th - August 5th from 7 PM - 9 PM EST


Rebrand, Relaunch and Get The Results You Want in 12 Weeks!

You've done great all year, but you could do all better!

You could be increasing conversions and attracting quality buyers when you have a solid sales system!

Does this sound familiar?

Accelerated learning so you can get to work putting the tools into action

A classroom of like minded, non-judgemental entrepreneurs

Instant access to previous MobU programs for a well-rounded learning experience 


Business have benefited from Rebrand Me!

We officially have FINANCIAL AID! 

This assistance will help you finance the remaining balance of school over 24-48 months with payments as low as $49 a month!
It is required to pay a non-refundable $300 down-payment that will go towards your payment. 

Apply for financing TODAY! 

Once you make your 300 down payment , you will receive a confirmation email to apply for your financing. 

If you are not approved, we have additional options for you to work with us on a different payment plan.

Rebrand, Relaunch and Get The Results

You Want in 12 Weeks!

You’ve got ALMOST everything…

The Service, the audience, but something is still missing...


PROBLEMS... Would you take it?


Would you take it?

  • My launches only stay successful for the first few days

  • I can't hit a 4 or 5 figure launch 

  • My business is losing audience interest, how do I recover?

  • I'm not seeing excitement or success in my launches

If you are facing obstacles with launches that create buzz, pull in an audience, or achieve your predetermined goals, it’s time to lock into Summer School!

Rebrand, Relaunch and Get The Results

You Want in 12 Weeks!

Summer School is for you if...

  • You do not have a launch strategy, and are having unsuccessful launch campaigns. 

  • You are not meeting your goals/after launch the hype dies down.

  • Your social media followers are not converting to buyers.

  • You need a couple of weeks of intensive training that can help you tie together the loose ends of what you already know you need to market your company successfully. 

  • You are not visible compared to other brands and therefore you are not gaining new or exponential traffic.

First THING'S 


You have done an incredible job getting your business this far! Some don’t even take it to their third, second, or first launch! Now, we just have to get your launches to take off! 

Summer School will walk you through the sale process using our strategic Live Selling System paired with our Launch System…

Live Selling System + Launch System = Cocktail To Success

Class is in session

welcome to Summer school

The rapid accelerator course that will ENHANCE your visibility and traffic, helping you land 4-5 figure sales days! 

  • Hot Seat Coaching 

  • 3 Weeks of Courses 

  • Guest Lectures 

  • Community

  • Q&A Sessions



And why is she the right person to help you?

Marketing By Monrae is a 7-Figure CEO with a passion to educate, empower, and transform CEOs through the combination of data & creativity to launch revenue-generating campaigns. Monrae has:

  • Built several marketing teams that have generated 6 to 7 figure campaigns for their companies.

  • Launched 100+ successful campaigns across multiple industries around the world.

  • Coached over 18,000 Founders and CEOs in the last 8 years to scale their business.