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Record TikToks
Ship products
Answer DMs from people that are never gonna buy from you
And even on a good day, your bank account doesn’t reflect the work you’ve been putting in.

SocialPrint: The Blueprint to Mastering Social Media is for experienced and newer online business owners that are ready to stop hiding behind their logo and make more money on social media without doing more work. 

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The real tea on Influencer marketing - and what’s actually required so you’re just not giving away free inventory without a return on investment 
A CHEAT SHEET schedule for what to post on all social media platforms, so you're never stressing about your content
How to get on Club House and take control of the room - literally and figuratively
Where you can promote your business (for free, and paid) so that you’re knocking down 4 figure months regularly
How to make Tik Tok and Twitter work for your business, even if you created accounts you never use
How to use my #1 tool for accessing data and metrics to turn analytics into gold (Databox really is the truth)
All of these modules, worksheets, the members-only community chat, and exclusive video trainings will be available online and in the Millionaire Mobb app!!

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Making sales in your business with influencer marketing is way more than just sending a free product to a pretty girl with a laid lace front and a lot of followers. And that’s no shade - I’ve made many sales partnering with amazing influencers. But I have heard sooo many horror stories from business owners that lost product or money not knowing how to properly choose the best influencer for their brand, determine terms and payment, make sure their social media and website were optimized to turn traffic into sales. You can go from zero to 100 sales with the proper setup and strategy. Pull up a chair as I breakdown how to grow your business using social media influencers. It can be simple, inexpensive, and profitable with the RIGHT plan.


Don’t be scared, sis! Youtube can be a literal game-changer for your audience. There’s an entirely untapped audience over there who has never heard of you, your business, or your products. Even if you published a few videos over there, there’s nooo way you’re using it like this. I’m going to explore how to use what is literally the most popular search engine. It’s only second to Google! And the best part is that all your Youtube content is evergreen. This means you will have eyeballs on your content and business forever. 


Even if you’ve made Tik Tok and Twitter accounts that you never post anything on, I can show you how to make boffum work for you. It’s super simple to create short text or 15-second videos that move people from the app to your website. If we sprinkle in the right marketing strategy and prioritize learning the data - these platforms can blow up your business sales.


Your audience is waiting on you to show up like the lead singer of Destiny’s Child and make them an offer they CAN'T REFUSE. Let’s attract your hive of loyal followers together, with a social media marketing strategy that amplifies your influence. 


Lately, Instagram is implementing more changes than ever. With every update, the competition to stand out on the feed gets tougher. Let’s put an end to the road rage with a flawless strategy for increasing engagement and sales regardless of the algorithm.  


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