Turn Your Social Media Account Into An ATM 

If you're ready to print money on demand then you need to be in the next Cohort... Are you ready?

How We're Going To Keep You AHEAD of The Algorithm

  • Weekly Coaching
    You went to school for your 9-5 don't you think it's time for you to enroll in school for your business! Your next season is on the line, so we have weekly coaching to help you get your social media together
  • Guided Posting 

    Tired of second-guessing if your post is actually going to work - NO WORRIES. We eliminate the headache by providing you with the exact post to use every week that will increase your reach on your account.

  • Content Creation Community 

    Creating content can be hard alone, but what if you had a community of business owners that meet weekly to ideate, record, and edit content together and share tips that increase their followers, likes, and bank account?

  • Trends on Demand 

    Overwhelmed looking for the trending sounds to post every day - we got you covered! Every week we send you the top 7 performing trending sounds so you can create your post for the week.

Introducing the One & ONLY...

School Of Content & Traffic

This is the exact thing you've been missing to get you unstuck on social media 

Who Is This For??

This Is For:

  • Service Based Businesses that want to stop relying on referrals but want to attract their ideal clients that are willing to pay their rate through social media.
  • ​Product Based Businesses that want to increase their traffic on their website so they can have consistent sold-out launches.
  • ​Entrepreneurs that honestly don’t have the time to research and stay in the know of all the algorithm changes and rather Monrae tells them exactly what to post on social media

This Is NOT For:

  • ​The Entrepreneur that doesn’t want to increase their bank account by leveraging free content.
  • ​The entrepreneur doesn’t want to expose their brand, business, or product to the entire world.
  • ​The entrepreneur that doesn’t want to make an impact by using their expertise to solve their audience’s problems.

There are 3 Reasons SCT Will Change Your Business...

Over 4 Weeks here's what you'll get

Reason #1

The Community

Join hundreds of other entrepreneurs looking to level up their business through compelling and converting content. 

School of Content & Traffic attracts entrepreneurs at your level, providing a unique networking and village building opportunity.

Reason #2

The Coaching

Sell More On Social brings seven-figure entrepreneurs, CEOs, and influencers together to give real life insight to how they build their businesses and wealth. Monrae teaches strategies that you can immediately apply and begin to see a transformation in your business

Reason #3

The Creating

Day 1: Active 
What does it look like to design your social media strategy to grow your community and brand presence on our active day you will leave with this exact strategy for your brand. 

The Method You Will Learn:

Over 4 Weeks here's what you'll get


Setting the Foundation + Messaging 

  • ​Customer avatar
  • How to leverage your messaging with your content
  • Crafting Your Message Visually


Social & Content Systems and Understanding Traffic
  • Choosing your content creation system 
  • Creating Your Pillars to post with ease
  • Identify the traffic you need to reach your goals through our Build, Borrow, Buy Method. 


Create the Content with Omni-Channel Marketing

  • How to post on all platforms with less effort
  • How to edit your content with ease AI 
  • Creating Quality Videos FAST!


Selling In The DMs and Collaborations

  • How To Borrow Traffic with other industries
  • Creating Sales Conversations in the DMs 
  • How to Go Live & Make Money!


  • Access to the PRIVATE Community 

  • In-Person Graduation Ceremony 

  • Hands On Help To Take Your Strategy to the Next Level

What Does Success Look Like For You?

MobU Tuition Options 

Pay In Full - Tuition

$1,297 vs $1,497

Pay In Full 

Financial Aid 

$397 Deposit 

Remaining Balance Broken up into multiple payments across 2-6 weeks due by March 31



100+ Content Ideas

Been Struggling on what to post but not quite sure, we have you covered with over 100+ Content Ideas


100+ Hooks 

Has your videos been flopping on Social Media, well our hooks give you the exact formula you need to MASTER Reels


100+ Trending Sounds

I know you are tired of searching for trending sounds, well we have you covered with over 100 trending sounds that you can create with ASAP


  • The ABC'S Method in Your Business

  • Weekly Trending Sounds

  • Weekly Content Prompts 

  • Live Weekly Coaching

  • Mindset Coaching

  • Access to Our In Person Conference

  • Graduation Ceremony

  • 100+ Content Ideas

  • 100+ Hooks 

  • 100+ Trending Sounds

  • Graded Homework Weekly 

  • Growth on Your IG Account

  • Community of Entrepreneurs + more

BUT Don't Just Take It From Me

Look What Our Students Have To Say...

"I Made 6-Figures with My Emails in 2022 with Monrae's Strategy and My Engagement Has Been through the Roof on Social Media -- I Just Did A PreLaunch and Sold Out with JUST using Social Media"


Heavenly Lashes

"Every time I'm around Monrae I go VIRAL! NO LIE!

At the last conference Monrae gave us an idea of what to post and my post had 30k views before Day 2 of the conference. 1 Million views per video is now the norm" 


Laid By Ify

"6-Figures is the norm, we've already hit 6-figures in our business by Feb 1 2023.

 7-figures is about to be so much easier with Monrae!" 


Giving Blueprint

What Others Are Saying About SCT:

Meet Marketing By Monrae

Marketing By Monrae is a 7-Figure CEO with a passion to educate, empower, and transform CEOs through the combination of data & creativity to launch revenue-generating campaigns. Monrae has:

Built several marketing teams that have generated 6 to 7 figure campaigns for their companies.

Launched 100+ successful campaigns across multiple industries around the world.

Coached over 25,000 Founders and CEOs in the last 10 years to scale their business.


When Does The Next Cohort Start

Our Next Cohort starts March 6, but we only have 50 seats so I will get in as soon as possible

What Days Are Classes?

Classes are at night at 8p EST and for the first cohort its on Monday and Wednesdays

What Type Of Business Is This For?

Any! If you need to master social media you NEED to be in this program

I Don't Know If I Am Far Enough In My Business To Join.

Marketing is an important part of the business at any point. If you are looking for insight into how to use social media to leverage an audience and secure sales for your products or services, then this program is for you!