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Sisyou don’t need me to tell you that there’s something wrong with your process for attracting, nurturing, and converting your audience - just check your mobile banking app! But if you Google “sales funnel”, you’ll see thousands of results describing it as the stages a customer goes through before purchase, including the tools and automation involved.

Whether someone is just checking out your website, sign-ups for your email list, or abandons their cart - you need an automated system for converting them into a buyer. And THIS is where a sales funnel comes in...


How big of a bag would you have if you converted every abandoned cart into a purchase AND THEN a repeat customer? 🤔

Sweetie, even if you've started your email list, you haven’t even begun to tap into the money-making potential a sales funnel has for your business. 

If you want to convert your followers 

into loyal customers... 

 ...building a sales funnel and a concise sales strategy is non-negotiable. 

🙅🏽‍♀️  Ain’t no “buts” about it! I'll be teaching all about it at the 

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 •  What a sales strategy and funnel is, and ALL the key parts (I’m leaving nothing out)

 •  Why your business needs a sales funnel and how much money you’re leaving on the table

 •  How sales funnel played a role in my business going from 6-figures to a Million dollars in sales in ONLY 365 Days

 •  How much money I spent perfecting my sales funnel and what you can learn from my mistakes 

 •  How simple it can be to set up and implement a sales funnel

I know that you’re beyond ready to start working full-time in your business 

and leave your job behind. It’s time for you to build a million-dollar business. 

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