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Very well done

Super helpful planner and well thought out

I Truly Love My Planner

This planner is one of the best investments I have made. It has so many helpful tips and a ton of helpful information in it. It is even prettier in person. I appreciate Monrae for all the great information she put in the planner and the presentation of the planner [packaging, tissue paper, the shipping box] is everything. I'm so happy I bought this for myself.

Am so in love

The book is great filled with so much

Great Planner!!

I am loving the planner and hope to see consistent growth by using it!

Love my planner!

The black croc planner was the best investment I could make to relaunch my business!

Best Money I ever spent

This was truly a great investment. I learned many different ways on how to diversify my income streams. I have already contacted two of the presenters from the Summit to begin my Quit My Job journey. Thank you Monrae, for putting this together.


It’s cute, portable & the best part it’s fully functional. I’m only in the first month but I’m excited to see my results as I progress. This is marketing gold!


Love it. Its helping me rebrand my business since relocating to Atlanta, Ga.
Thank you for creating this planner.


I like it .

I’ve been enjoying the 90 day boot camp! It definitely showed me some things I was not aware of as a previous business owner. I love the daily reminders; they keep me in check & on task. I’m excited to see the outcome of the 90 days!!

BLACK Croc Million Dollar Planner
Dr Mel B @scholars4thesoul
So elegant and practical

First of all...the packaging and the beauty and durability of this planner is the first thing that caught my eye. But the value doesn't stop there...sis hits us with Marketing 101. From branding and aesthetics, to an overall outline of how to market your products, what to post, where to get vendors, etc...Monrae gives ALL the gems you need to make this a success. I'm so glad I purchased this and am ready to see some results!

Caption Bible Reloaded

Extremely helpful, thank you!!

The packing and content was amazing!

Black Croc Planner

Love it as much as my 2 Pink Croc MDP ❤️❤️❤️

Love it!

Everything my business needs plus more!

I love it so much

Best purchase I will be buying two more!!!

Very helpful and insightful

I loved the webinar and it gave me wonderful clarity on how to move forward.

I love it!

PINK Croc Million Dollar Planner
Hakeem Lesolang Lesolang
Gifting the Wife 😍

She’s completely obsessed with it and I’ll be investing in my own planner soon. I’m thoroughly impressed with the content, layout, preparation and packaging. You are amazing Monrae.

Love the planner!

Everything I needed...and then some!

BLACK Croc Million Dollar Planner

Best Investment

This is the best investment ever!! I'm just getting started and it is the most effective tool I've ever engaged in.

Very Satisfied

My daughter and I I are very successful business owners and we absolutely love this planner! It helps us keep everything organized and better plan out our content and money goals.


This planner is so good. I’m just starting my business and this planner keeps me organized on who I need to contact, what I need to do and how to do it. I love it!


I bought this as a gift for my daughters but I will be ordering one for myself.