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Your audience is waiting on you to show up like the lead singer
of Destiny’s Child and make them an offer they CAN NOT REFUSE.

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Grab one or more of these physical products to elevate your mind, marketing, and money immediately.

The Market Like Monrae Bundle

This bundle includes physical copies of our Million Dollar Planner, books, journal, and bonus digital courses.
If you promised yourself that 2021 would be the year that you stopped playing small, stepped into CEO status, and leveled up your marketing, this bundle is where you start.

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Croc Million Dollar Planner

The MDP is the ONLY planner that provides all the resources for launching 5-Figure marketing campaigns and building a 6-Figure business.
Included are worksheets, checklists, daily scheduling pages, and outlines
planning campaigns, ads, emails and so much more.

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This mini-manual shares how Marketing By Monrae was able
was able to generate a million
dollars on Instagram - and showed her community how to do the same. Learn easy tips and tricks on navigating the news feed to grow your audience, and monetize your profile.

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Million Dollar Planner

This classic MDP is the ultimate guide to building a million dollar business.
It's perfect for planning out social media content, content days, business goals, marketing campaigns, and a whole lot more.

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Millionaire Moves Journal

The Millionaire Moves journal provides over 25 inspirational quotes to keep you energized on your CEO journey. Journaling has allowed me to express my feelings, confirm my goals, and track my progress in a creative way.

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Purpose Planner

This planner provides over 50 thought-provoking journal prompts, activities, and coloring pages to help you tap-in to your purpose. Clarifying and committing to my purpose allowed me to 10x my business revenue in 365 days after almost losing everything (with the pics to prove it).

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