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Monrae founded the Millionaire Mob University to empower, educate, and transform the lives of female entrepreneurs everywhere.
What started as a hobby blossomed into a movement to make marketing easy for e-commerce business owners combining data with creativity.

Everyday Monrae uses her experience building 6-Figure brands, and executing 4-Figure marketing campaigns, to position more black and brown women to accomplish their goals.

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What we do and how we do it

Millionaire Mob University helps e-commerce business owners
launch and grow 6-Figure brands online with our courses
and products.

The numbers don’t lie.

In only one year I succeeded helping the students at Millionaire Mob University collectively generate over $5 million dollars during a worldwide pandemic. I offered free and paid programs, hosted virtual events, and dropped new books to make sure our students had everything to pivot under pressure and grow their businesses.

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If you're ready to apply pressure
with creative marketing based
on data, to convert your followers
into customers then I got just the
thing for you.

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